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Hanby Elementary Contact Information

Principal: Jessica Eaton

Assistant Principal: Amanda Relf

Hanby Elementary
480 Gross Road
Mesquite, TX 75149

Phone  972-882-5040
Fax  972-882-5050

Picture of the front of the building

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John L. Hanby History

Jonathan Leandro Hanby was born on May 9, 1859 near Abbington, Virginia. He lived in Virginia until 1879 and then moved to Texas. He married Miss Mary Florence Grubb in 1880, and together they raised eleven children during their marriage.

They settled on the old Range farm near what is now Gross Road and Interstate 20. This was their home for ten years, at which time they moved to the Hanby homestead. This was about two hundred acres, approximately one mile north of Mesquite's downtown sector on what is now Gus Thomasson Road. John L. Hanby was a true pioneer of the Mesquite community in its early days.

He was a member of the Mesquite School Board of Trustees when the first brick building was built in a cotton patch, which is now the campus of Mesquite High School. All of the Hanby children and grandchildren attended Mesquite Schools every year since that time until the last graduated in 1976. There are still great grandchildren of J.L. Hanby in the Mesquite school system, but they do not carry the name Hanby.

Mr. Hanby was engaged in farming and was a very stately, quiet, unassuming man. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Mesquite, a deacon and a member of the J.C. Rugel Bible Class. Mr. Hanby died in April, 1929 at the age of 70. Mrs. Hanby died in February, 1947 at the age of 84. Both are buried in the Mesquite Cemetary. The John L. Hanby Elementary School was named for Mr. Hanby as one of the last and highest tributes to a man who humbly did all he could to serve his God and his fellow man.

Image of John L Hanby portrait